With more devices becoming payment devices, digital commerce is now the fastest-growing payment area. Consumers now have far more options for payment than ever before, whether through an internet browser, mobile application, or connected device. However, whenever a consumer makes a digital purchase rather than a traditional store purchase, verifying the transaction and the consumer's identity becomes an increasingly important and even difficult task. According to industry experts, half of all digital commerce transactions that are declined due to suspected fraud are actually legitimate.

Paying Knockoff Swiss Rolex 3135 Watches online with credit/debit cards involves the transmission of sensitive information, so special precautions must be taken to ensure customer safety. For the same reason, it is more important than ever that the industry invests in new approaches to preventing fraud while also maintaining the speed and convenience that customers enjoy about online shopping. Helping merchants and issuers distinguish between good and bad transactions will reduce fraud while allowing Discount Cartier Watches transactions to continue at the speed of light.

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